EU Experience Hosts - Insurance & Cancellations

Insurances and EU Experience Hosts

Operators who are running digital nomad experiences in Europe should consider the requirements of the EU Package Travel directive.

Experiences include workcations, staycations, nomad tours, retreats, multi-day business workshops and offsites etc.

The Directive can be found at


Key points

  1. Money-back and repatriation in case of bankruptcy: Organisers of packages must take out insolvency protection. This guarantee covers refunds and repatriation in case organisers go bankrupt.  This guarantee applies also to linked travel arrangements. 
  2. Strong cancellation rights: With the new rules, travellers may cancel their package holiday for any reason by paying a reasonable fee.
    1. They may cancel their holiday, free of charge should their destination become dangerous for example because of war or natural disasters, or if the package price is raised over 8% of the original price.

Scope (excerpt)

  1. The rules apply to combinations of at least two types of travel services (transport, accommodation, car rental or other services, for example guided tours)