Creating Your Account

Creating Your Account


Preliminary Information

As you know Nomad Stays carefully reviews each applicant to ensure each Stay has the right mix of features that we need for our Members.

Not everyone that applies gets accepted which is why your Application is not your Account Creation process.


When You Are Accepted

After you are accepted, we send you an Invitation to Join Email with a special Registration link

You then need to Create Your Stay Account and confirm it using the special Registration link.

The link in the email allows you to kick off the process to OPEN YOUR STAY ACCOUNT:

  1. Create Your  Account with us, and then this will allow you to
  2. Start uploading your information.

Until you Create Your Stay Account you can't enter any details.
So, it is important that you Create Your Stay Account
using the special Registration Link, we sent.


How to Create Your Stay Account

  1. Click on the special Registration Link and you will be taken to a Stay Registration Page.
  2. Here on the Stay Registration Page, you fill out the Create Your Stay Account form
  3. There are only a few details needed:
    • First Name and Surname
      • Type the name of the person that will manage the account
    • Email
      • Your preferred email address to log in and update information.  
      • If several people are expected to be involved in this, then please choose one of your shared emails so they can all see the results
    • Stay Name
      • The name of your (first) property. 
      • It is usually something like "Zambezi River Lodge"
      • It can be changed later
      • You can add other properties later too
        • We will guide you through that process at that time
    • Public Business Number
      • The official number that your country has issued to you with permission to operate a short stay lodging accommodation.
      • We have more help about your official number here Business, Tourism and Lodging Numbers (
      • In a nutshell, it's usually your Tourism Permit number, Lodging Permit number, official Business Number or similar.  
      • You will need this number to list with Nomad Stays to ensure both you and we meet the lodging, travel agency and advertising laws around the world
    • Password
      • Your chosen password.  
      • Keep it secret
      • At no time will Nomad Stays team or anyone else in our group need this password.
  4. When completed, click the "Create" button
    • This creates your account in our system
  5. Then you will receive an email to "Confirm Your Account"
    • This is a security check to ensure only genuine Stays are registering
  6. Click the "Confirm Your Account" button
    • This will take you back to the website where your details are double checked for security and your Account is formally opened
  7. After successfully confirming your Stay Account will be Open
  8. You can then Log In with your chosen email and password

Shortly afterwards you will receive a series of emails inviting you to the 4 - Step Process to upload your information.



Common Problems

  1. Mistyped email address
    • If you typed or mistyped the wrong email just create a new Account again with the correct one
    • The send us an email to explain which account should be used and which deleted
  2. Forgotten Password
    • Use the Lost Password? Reset Here feature of the log in pages
    • You need an account created before the password can be reset
  3. Already Registered as a Nomad
    • Just let us know via Chat or Email and we will 'Upgrade' your Nomad account into a Stay account