Using the Site

How Do I Change My Email

How Do I Change My Email Changing email addresses isn’t possible right now. We suggest you create a new account under your new email address. You can also close your old account. Stay Email & Management Changes If you'd like to change the email address for the management of your Stay Account we also suggest opening a new account. A new Account is by default a 'nomad' account. ...

I Forgot my Password

I Forgot my Password Yep, it happens sometimes. We all lose things from time to time. Luckily all you need to do is Reset Your Password. Here's a link right to the page you need. Once on the ForgotPassword page - Just put in your email - Click the Send Instructions button - Check your email for "reset your password" email - Click the special reset link in that email - You'll be taken to a new page - Inser...

How to Unblock the Emails

How to Unblock the Emails If you get a lot of spam you are probably in the habit of 'blocking' lots of messages. And you might have blocked nomadstays by mistake. So, now you must UnBlock our domain and emails to make sure you receive the message we are sending you. How Do I Unblock Senders? Here's a great article that walks you through the solution for Gmail. Enjoy.

How to Whitelist in Hotmail

If you're a Hotmail or user and are not receiving our emails, then you can try to 'whitelist' the internet domain in your Hotmail settings. Whitelisting means you'll be adding the domain as an acceptable domain to accept emails from. Here's a great article from IPServerOne on the steps needed to make this happen. Simple type in "" to 'mark as safe'.

How to Whitelist in Gmail, Outlook, and Other Email Programs

How to Whitelist in Gmail, Outlook, and Other Email Programs The Problem: You are not receiving our emails So, you're not receiving our emails? Maybe they are arriving in your junk or spam folder. This is an increasing problem with the huge increases in spam being sent in the last few years. Some email companies like Microsoft and Google take a 'spam first' policy. The first few times you started receiving emails from new people the email companies will place the new...

Updating Preferred Currency

Updating Preferred Currency There is a Currency Selector button in the page footer. To choose a different currency just choose your preferred currency from the dropdown. The site automatically reprices everything into your preferred currency. Problem - Currency Not Updating Occasionally the currency 'cookie' gets a bit lost and you can't update the currency choice. If this happens, we suggest the following steps: - Log out - Choose a different currency - Check that it ...

Closing Your Account

Closing Your Account You can stop your membership at any stage by simply logging in and going to your Member Profile page and clicking the "Close Account" button.