How We Work with Channel Managers & PMS

How We Work with Channel Managers & PMS

Nomad Stays works with willing Channel Managers and PMS providers (Property Management Systems).

We build API integrations that allows your Channel Manager or PMS to send us your availability, and we to send your bookings that go directly into your accounts on their systems.

Our focus is to reduce the time consuming part of keeping your data up to date with your agents and sales partners like us. Fast updating of your room availability is the most critical and time intensive part of managing agents and sales partners.

We focus on:

  1. Calendar Synchronisation
  2. Sending Bookings 


Right now we have not focused on less time intensive integrations like:

  • Packages
  • Room Types
  • Room Rates
  • Room & Property Descriptions
  • Photographs

In the future these other integrations will be added.

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