About the Stays

Bed Sizes

Bed Sizes We list the minimum bed sizes for each room according to the standards of the country which the Stay is in. For instance a King Size bed in the UK is usually 152 cm × 198 cm (60 in × 78 in) while in Australia it is 183 cm × 203 cm (72 in × 80 in). Some countries, eg Germany, its normal to have 2 mattresses on thier double or larger beds set inside a double (or larger) frame.


Where can I work? All our stays have somewhere to work. It might be in the property's own coworking space or in a second room in your apartment. It could be in a nearby coworking space.


Is there internet? Yes. ALL our stays must have internet above 6Mbps to be eligible for listing. Many have even higher bandwidth available. This is sufficient to meet the minimum requirements for video calls for many of the major technologies today. When the internet isn't working it usually comes down to a few items. - Obviously accidents occur and power goes out sometimes in the more remote locations but these are the exception rather than the rule. - The bigger issue is usually ...

How Long Can I Stay at the Stay?

How Long Can I Stay at the Stay? The total time you stay will depend on your host, their availability and local laws. It's not unusual for local laws to prevent stays beyond 1 or 2 months in properties designated as hotels and hostels. Booking longer than 1 month with Nomad Stays is as easy as adding additional nights to your booking.

Additional Costs

In general you should not have any obligatory extra bills from your Stay. All Stays include adequate amounts of electricity, gas, heating, cooling etc.for average and normal use. Of course if you overuse the heating, cooling or run your bitcoin mining server 24X7 for example then you will be well beyond the average use and your Stay Host may choose to pass on the extra consumption to you.