No Confirmation Received

I haven’t received a confirmation. What should I do? Double check your emails and your spam folder. If it's still lost drop us an email via the Contact page.

Payment Methods

Can I pay for my room using cash? Probably. Its more than likely that your Stay will accept cash for payment. They are more likely to accept it if you turn up with local currency. Don't be surprised if they won't accept US Dollars for payment of a Euro price though. Currencies All stays are priced in the Stay's local currency. As a convenience to you we show you equivalent prices in USD and other currencies based on the typical foreign exchange rates used by credit card companies ...


Do you have any discount codes available? No. Our deals are pretty good because we've managed to negotiate great rates for longer staying guests like you.

Booking Changes

Can I change my booking? Not yet. We're working on it though.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

What's your cancellation and refund policy? Unfortunately we don't yet provide for refunds of cancelled bookings. We suggest that you utilise your travel insurance where possible. Should you not arrive for whatever reason we donate the booking fee you paid to one of our chosen charities or NGOs.

Booking a Stay

How do I book a Stay? 1. Start by browsing or searching our site until you find Stay and Deal you'd like to take advantage of. 2. Then check your preferred dates are available with our availability checker (don't worry - its fast as its all in house). 3. Lock in your Deal with the Book Now button and pay the online Booking Fee with your credit or debit card. Your booking is then instantly confirmed and we'll email you the Reservation details. No waiting or delays. Just an instant confirme...