Your Credit Card Protection

Your Credit Card Protection

Nomad Stays doesn't collect or store your credit cards.

When you enter your card information you will be entering into a highly secure website provided by our banking partners.

The partners advise us when your payment is accepted, and we mark your booking as paid.  They don't send us your actual card details.


A Stay has Asked for my Credit Card Details

Some Stays require you to lodge an additional deposit with them to secure a longer stay.

They will always spell this requirement out in their Package Details available to you before you book.

If you get a request for your card details but there was no mention of it the Stay's package, then we suggest you don't automatically provide it.

If you are expecting to lodge an additional deposit and receive a request, we suggest you double check the payment link aligns with the Stay's details before payment.  Feel free to telephone the Stay to double check their requirements.  We provide you with their contact details on each booking.



Be Wary of Scams

The travel industry is a known target of scammers and hackers.

Several large Online Travel Agents have had significant issues with scammers and hackers in recent years.  Much of the scams revolve around a scammer gaining access to a Stay's accounts on their platforms and re-routing the payments and messages to the hacker and not the Stay.

While the platforms themselves haven't been compromised their systems have been leverage for nefarious reasons.

If something doesn't 'smell' right then please contact Nomad Stays to double check for you.