What Do You Mean by 'Free Sale'?

What Do You Mean by 'Free Sale'?



Free Sale refers to you allocating us a certain range and quantity of rooms to sell for a particular period, without us checking with you first.

We are effectively 'free' to sell these rooms without asking first


We use this 'Free Sale Quantity' to book your rooms up to the limit of what you allocate us. We don't overbook more than you've allocated to us as our system automatically reduces the quantity available after we take bookings.

Every booking we take on our own system reduces the rooms available to us from the total you originally gave us.

For instance.

  • You may have 100 rooms in your Stay
  • You allocated 20 rooms to us for the year under 'Free Sale' arrangements
  • We can book up to 20 rooms on any particular night without checking
  • The second we take a booking (say for 1 person) for a week then the Availability to us automatically reduces to 19 rooms for the period of that booking
  • After that booking is finished the Availability automatically returns to 20


Am I eligible to use Free Sale?

Stays with more than 20 rooms in total are eligible to use Free Stay.

You can allocate a few rooms to us to sell under Free Sale and keep the majority of your rooms open to your other sales channels.

For example, most hotels average under 80% occupancy throughout the year.  Which means a 20-room property has 4 rooms empty on average each night.  You can allocate 4 rooms to Nomad Stays and be confident that for most nights of the year you won't be overbooked.


What happens if I get fuller than expected under Free Sale?

If you start filling up and we still have Free Sale the easiest is to just 'Block' some rooms during your busy period.  (We call these Block Out Periods).

Blocking out rooms for a while creates a temporary reduction in the rooms we have available to sell. 

Our system automatically reduces your availability to zero for the blocked out periods and then returns it to your Standard Availability after the end of the Block Out Period.


How do I enter my Free Sale quantity?

If you're invited to use our Extranet (normally because you are exclusive to Nomad Stays) then you start by entering your Regular Availability for each Room Type you are listing on the Availability page for your Stay.

Regular Availability is the standard number of rooms you are making available to Nomad Stays. 

It may not be the total quantity of rooms of each room type you actually have.

This Regular Availability is then reduced by any Blocked-Out Periods you list. 

Effectively when you 'block out' dates from Nomad Stays you take back your standard allocation for the period.  Our bookings also automatically reduced the total available rooms we can sell.

Our system automatically prevents us booking any nights we don't have free availability for.

Your Availability Chart will be updated according to the dates and quantities you have made available to us. 


NB: If there are no Packages created for the room types then there will be no Current Availability shown in the chart.