What Do I Need to be Eligible for Listing?

What Do I Need to be Eligible for Listing?


To become a listed nomad-friendly Stay with us you'll need to meet our listing criteria.

Your Stay will have the following traits at least:

  1. You are a legally registered and licensed accommodation business.
  2. You will accept our bookings via email or WhatsApp.
  3. Your guest areas are exclusive to guests and not shared with hosts (see Home Stays)
  4. Broadband internet is available in all work areas with a speed better than 10Mbps down and 5Mbps up. (Test Your Wi-Fi)
  5. Your rooms have work desks and chairs
  6. You have kitchen and laundry facilities in-house (note: selected exemptions to this exist where cheap street food is available)
  7. You will accept bookings automatically, without requiring your confirmation first.
  8. You allocate at least 1 room to us on a 'free sale' basis (What is Free-Sale)
  9. Your wholesale price allows us to offer competitive prices.


Preference for Affordable Prices

We list Stays across a wide range of prices.  The vast majority of demand however is for Stays under €1,500 a month.

Stays priced higher than €1,500 a month have some display restrictions on them.