If We Need More Information for your Application

If We Need More Information for your Application


Sometimes when Stays apply to list on Nomad Stays, they don't initially supply all the information needed to assess their eligibility.

So, we need more information sent to us to complete your eligibility assessment.

This article will help you understand why, and what additional information and pictures you should send to us.



Why We Need More Information

For us to comply with various KYC and KYS (Know-Your-Customer and Know-Your-Supplier) laws around the world, and keep our platform just for high quality Stay operators, we need to ensure each new Stay is a both
    • a legitimate business, and
    • Fits our minimum criteria



What Information We Need to Assess You


1. LEGAL BUSINESS - Show Us How You're Legally Registered

You must be legally allowed to operate a short-term rental business in your region.

In many parts of the world, you require some form of 'business license' or 'tourism license' at least to rent out property to visitors.

Also tell us your VAT/GST/Sales Tax number if you have one.  With the minimum turnover thresholds reducing significantly around the world at present you may find you are now required to be registered for VAT/GST for doing cross-border transactions.

We have some of these licenses listed on our Help Page here

If you're sure your country/region does not require a business or tourism license, please tell more about where you are located so we can do some checking.



2. Are You the LEGAL LANDOWNER or an Authorized Operator of the Stay

Sadly, one of the common scams in the short-term property rental business is where a scammer takes pictures off the web of a legitimate Stay, and then pretends to be the owner of that property hoping to gain a big payout before the customer discovers the deception.

So, you should provide us:
    • with the actual owner's name and contact details (if it's not you)
    • Your Land Information Number (the registered number of the land your Stay is located on)

(This is also required in the EU and various other countries in new laws that came into effect in 2023).  Read more about DAC7 here 


3. Proof the Property is Open for Rent

For most Stays that have been operating awhile it's easy to show you're really in business because you will already have your websites operating, and social media accounts set up with lots of pictures and reviews etc. where you've been promoting your Stay.  

These sites and accounts will show your property, the rooms, features etc.

You should share these links with us.

For Stays just opening however you may not have these items setup yet.

If they're not set up yet you should send us photos of your property and its rooms and features.  Also send us your exact GPS location so we can check out satellite images etc.  

We suggest you try What3Words and send us your W3W address which is much easier to use than GPS coordinates. https://what3words.com/



4. Digital Nomad Facilities

To make sure you've got a product that aligns with our market we need to understand a few items more particular to digital nomads than a short-term leisure tourist.

As digital nomads are computer-based workers by definition, we need good information about your internet speeds.

You can use our Free Wi-Fi Testing Tool here and send us a screenshot. Test Your Wi-Fi


Working Spaces
Similarly, please send us pictures of the desks and chairs that digital nomads will be using to work from.

If you've got external monitors set up, or coworking areas established where many of your guests can work together, please send us pictures of those areas, desk, tables, chairs, etc.

Longer staying guests like digital nomads do a lot of home cooking so please send us pictures of your kitchen areas

Laundry / Washing Machines
Similarly, please send us pictures of your laundry and washing machines etc.

After all, someone that stays for a month will need to wash their clothes eventually.