Do You Accept Home Stays?

Do You Accept Home Stays?


  • Home Stays where the host shares the rental space with guests are NOT eligible to list on Nomad Stays.
  • Independent homestays, rental apartments, villas, cabins etc. without the host staying on site ARE eligible to list on Nomad Stays.


Some countries use the term 'homestay' as a general term for all rental apartments, villas, cabins etc.  If the host lives separately from guests, then it's likely this form of Homestay can be listed on Nomad Stays.


Any rental properties where the host shares the space with guests like room shares, couch surfing or unofficial accommodation properties are not listable on Nomad Stays.


While home stays are great places to experience as a tourist, they tend to be a 'leisure' experience rather than one that a 'business' experience suitable for most digital nomads.


Many digital nomads will work around the clock and need some privacy for calls at obscure times of the day and night, as well as privacy for confidential client and employer conversations.

Where hostels and guest houses with in-house management teams are accepted the managers/owners will have separate areas for managers and guests.  This tends to mirror the law in many countries around the world for registration as a hostel or co-living space.


We also don't work with unofficial stays as our focus is more on supporting the mainstream traveler accommodation industry who have invested significantly in their businesses and communities and helping to grow their local economies.


Advertising Option

While we don't list home stays or unofficial Stays on our booking platform you may find you wish to advertise to digital nomads on the Nomad Marketplace, our advertising platform.

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