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Listing of Coworking Spaces

Listing of Coworking Spaces Nomad Stays offers free listings to Coworking Spaces around the world. Coworking spaces appear on our maps and listings near our Stays to show Members how close or convenient it is for them to access coworking spaces. We don't take bookings for coworking packages. You can increase your visibility by advertising your centres on The Nomad Marketplace. (https://www.nomadstays.com/nomad-marketplace)

Tips for CVs, Collaborations and Pitching

Tips for CVs, Collaborations and Pitching Like many startups we at Nomad Stays get many dozens of 'collaboration' requests, job applicants, intern applications and unsolicited pitches a day. We've prepared these notes to help us both get off to a good start to a new engagement and not waste each other's time if we're not likely to do any business soon. By way of example, a recent freelance advert we posted attracted around 400 applications. Sadly, 99% of the applicants were automatically rej...

Advertising on The Nomad Marketplace

Advertising on The Nomad Marketplace The Nomad Marketplaces is a Pay-Per-Click advertising based marketplace. It features a range of complimentary products and services that digital nomads and remote workers may find add value to their lifestyles. How it works Potential advertisers sign up to gain an account, and purchase one of the predetermined packages of clicks. After agreeing to the Advertising Terms & Conditions you gain access to the Advertising Dashboard. On the Advertisi...

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs Nomad Stays does not participate in any Affiliate Programs. Neither does it share your data with other people except those you book to click on their advertising. The items we sell for on our site are all our own products. These include bookings, visa tracking, cohosting programs, advertising programs and business support programs.