Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

Nomad Stays does not participate in any Affiliate Programs.

What is an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are one form of 'referral' program which operates by sending your own site visitors away to a 3rd party site.

The 3rd party then performs the financial transaction, and the 3rd party pays the referral site a few for a successful business transaction.

Affiliate programs have the advantage that the original site doesn't need a lot of sales technology in order to process a sale.

Affiliate programs have the disadvantage that the original site only gets paid on the recording of a completed transaction within the boundaries of the Affiliate Program rules.


Nomad Stays is Primarily a Booking Platform (Not a Referral Site)

As a booking platform Nomad Stays takes and manages purchases on our own secure websites. We have a wide range of sales technology built into our site.

The items we sell on our site are primarily our own products.  They are typically repackaged products purchased from suppliers and packaged into forms compatible with our digital nomad market.  These include accommodation bookings, experience tickets/seats, eSIMs, visa tracking services, cohosting programs, advertising programs and business support programs.

All our suppliers have established commercial agreements with us and provide us with APIs, booking links or use our own internal product management capabilities.  Nomad Stays also provide the first level of support on all the products we sell.


Limited Referral Services (Advertising)

Nomad Stays does offer a form of 'Referral' program in the form of pay-per-click advertising similar to Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising.

Site visitors to our Nomad Marketplace are transferred to an Advertisers site after the viewer clicks on an advertisement.  Any transactions are undertaken on the Advertiser's site without the involvement of Nomad Stays.

Nomad Stays receives a fee from the Advertiser for each advert clicked.


No Data Sharing

Nomad Stays does not share your personal data with other parties except when passing on your purchase details to one of our suppliers.