Description Text Suggestions

Description Text Suggestions Here's a few ideas of what to write in your Stay Description. About Your Stay Describe the age, style, vibe, size of your Stay and the neighbourhood. Guest Access to Stay Tell Members how they can access your Stay, Bus, Train, Taxi, car-only, how close to the airports. Walking distances etc. Wi-Fi & Available Workspaces Describe your working areas and list the nearby coworking spaces. Describe your work chairs and desks in the apartment or...

Short Term Rental Licences per Country

Some countries and regions have specific licenses for short term rentals while others have general business or taxation numbers to help identify the operator of a rented property to the renter. We've put together some links to site that may help you in your country. This is general information and you should get professional advice if you are unsure. Possible Short Term Rental Licenses need per Country - Afghanistan -

Business Numbers

Governments around the world are clamping down on unauthorized accommodation rentals. Many countries require you both to be registered as an accommodation provider as well as to have your permit number displayed on your advertising and listings. Nomad Stays needs your public number to display on your listing. Depending on the rules of your region you could have a choice as to which number to provide. - If you have a specific ‘lodging’ or ‘tourist accommodation’ permit, then this num...

How do I get started?

How do I get started? As soon as your Stay is accepted as we'll kick off a straightforward registration process. Step 1 - Register your Stay Step 2 - Allocate some Rooms to us to sell Step 3 - Set your Prices Step 4 - Upload some Photos Step 5 - Complete the Basic Details of your property

How Do I List Multiple Stays

Listing Multiple Stays To list multiple sites under your Stay Account please: - Register your account and first property at Register Your Stay ( - Send us an email with the names of the other properties We'll create them for you and add then to your account. After that you'll be able to see them in your dashboard at Your Stays (