Why isn't my Stay showing on the Map?

Why isn't my Stay showing on the Map?


If your Stay isn't appearing on the maps, it could be due to a few things.

  1. It is not currently listed because you have no available rooms or packages
  2. It has a wrong address and is showing somewhere else


To fix it we'd suggest:


1. Updating Your Address

Address standards vary around the world, but most computer systems tend to follow USA standards in the English language.

City (Town) and Postcode tend to have strong priority in mapping software.  Make sure your City (Town) is correct in English. 

As many places in the world have the same name the postcode and country tend to influence the correct location of your map pointers.


2. Update Your Availability

You have probably got your iCal or Channel Manager links setup by now so your real-time availability is pumped through to us automatically.

  • Maybe do a check on your Dashboard (Availability tab) to see if your availability we're receiving is what you think it should be.
  • If you're using the extranet also check the Dashboard (Availability tab) to ensure you've not blocked dates by mistake

As with your listing if we don't have sufficient rooms to book your listing and map references will be hidden until sufficient rooms to book are returned.  https://help.nomadstays.com/931565-Limited-Availability


3. Update Your Packages

Like Availability, to enable us to sell your products we also need packages to sell.  If your packages have expired your listing and map markers will also be hidden.

The easiest solution is to update your Packages.  https://help.nomadstays.com/699633-Adding--Editing-Packages?r=1