Limited Availability

Limited Availability


What happens if I have limited availability?

In order to remain listed for free on our marketing & accommodation booking platform you'll need to ensure you have enough availability for us to sell your rooms throughout the year.

As a general rule you'll need at least 45 nights bookable in the next 6 months.


Below Minimums

When your availability falls below our minimums your listing will be turned off and it won't be possible for our members to see or book you until your availability returns.


Advertising on the Nomad Marketplace is an alternative to the Booking platform

We recognize that smaller, or part time, properties in particular may struggle with this and may not be a good fit for online travel agents like us.

If you have only incidental availability, specialty products, high prices, or other reasons outside our accommodation booking platform guidelines you may find advertising on our Nomad Marketplace a better option to reach digital nomads.

With our Pay per Click model the Nomad Marketplace allows the many thousands of digital nomads that visit our sites every month to see your adverts and click through to your offerings.