Editing Your Rooms

Editing your rooms allows you to show off more of the individual rooms at your Stay.

This is different from the overall Stay information or images as its of greater detail and specific to the rooms.


1. Room Information

Room Title

Your "Room Title" is the common name you may have for the type or style of room.

Hotels might call them things like "Single Person Rooms", "Couples Rooms" or "Group Rooms" for instance.
Smaller Stays might only have 1 room of each type and use names like "Blue Room", "Top Floor Room" or "Sea View Room".

Whichever way you operate this is the place you list the common name of the room.


Room Type

Your "Room Type" is the industry standard way of describing your room.

  • Single Rooms describe rooms for a single person
  • Twin Rooms are for 2 people with their own bed each
  • Double Rooms are for 2 people who share a common bed
  • Family Rooms are designed for families and often have 3 or more beds or cribs for children etc.
  • Dorm Beds describe just a bed, usually a single, in a common dormitory room.  A dormitory room has a number of single beds shared by individual clients.


  • Studio Apartments refer to a small apartment, often 1 room in total,  where the bed is most likely in the same room as everything else
  • 1 BR Apartment refers to a One(1) Bedroom Apartment where the bedroom is separate from the lounge, kitchen or common room
  • 2 BR Apartment refers to a Two (2) Bedroom Apartment where there are 2 separate bedrooms in addition to other rooms like the lounge, kitchen or common room
  • Apartment - Other refers to an other form of apartment you may have.  It could be a 3 or more bedroom apartment, or one of your apartments that is special because of its spa bath or view or something unique.


Room Description

Your room description is a text field you can describe your room.  We suggest you can make this a bit interesting from a marketing point of view.


Bed Quantities and Sizes

Let us know how many beds are in your different room types and what size beds they are.

Main bed size refers to the size of the principal (main) bed.

  • Single - and standard single person bed.  Many regions have their own standard size.90cm width x 190cm length is a common size for instance.
  • Double - a small bed design for 2 people to share.  Often 140cm x 200cm.
  • Twin - usually refers to 2 single beds - ie 2 separate beds of 90cm x 190cm.  Its common in places like Germany to push these 2 beds together for couples.
  • Queen -  a slightly wider bed for couples often sized around 160cm x 200cm
  • King - a very wide bed for couples.  Often sized 180cm x 200cm or larger.
  • Other - we use this category other non-standard sizes such as baby cribs

If your beds don't fit close to standard sizes we suggest you choose the next smallest size.  Its often a nice surprise for a guest to get almost a Queen Sized bed when they were expecting a Double.


2. Room Facilities

In this section you can simply choose the features and inclusions in each of your room types.


3. Room Gallery

In your Room Gallery you can upload up to 10 images of your room.

These images should specifically be about your room or its view.

The images should be:

  • JPEG formatted
  • Sized 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 10 or fewer

Remember, the better the image the better impression your give your prospective guests.