Why Can't I Delete a Blocked Date?

Why Can't I Delete a Blocked Period?


I can't see the Delete Button near my blocked periods

Answer:  You are probably using an iCal availability feed from another party.


When you use an iCal feed from another party, we take that 'master' availability source and import it into our system.

As the blocked dates do not originate in our extranet system you must edit the master source at the other party to change the feed into Nomad Stays.

We 'hide' the delete button from your page, so you don't create a mismatch between your 3rd party Master Source and Nomad Stays.


I don't want to use another party's feed now.

If you don't want to use a 3rd party iCal feed, then you will need to treat Nomad Stays as your new Master Source.  

We can turn off your iCal feed for you and from that point on you must update your availability in the Nomad Stays extranet.

When you use our extranet you can add and edit Block Periods directly with Nomad Stays.