I have a large apartment or several apartments. How do I list them?

I have a large apartment or several apartments. How do I list them?


Nomad Stays caters for both 'hotel' style Stays that have multiple rooms of a similar type as well as 'apartment' style Stays where each apartment is substantially different to other apartments and sold individually.


Hotel Style

When you run a 'hotel' style you will choose a single 'roomtype', such as a Double Room, and then you will allocate a quantity of those rooms for us to sell for you, e.g. 10 Double rooms.

Using this approach you can have the same Packages and Prices for all these 10 rooms,  and each booking reduces the quantity of available rooms on any particular night. Eg 9, 8, 7 etc.

Under this 'hotel style' choice the guest doesn’t know exactly which room they will be staying in and you, as the host, have a lot of flexibility in allocating them to different actual rooms depending on your other bookings.



Apartment Style

Each Apartment is for the sole use of the Member that books it.  Each apartment will have all the needed lifestyle features like kitchens, work areas etc included in them.

If you choose the 'apartment' style approach you will choose a different 'roomtype' for each of your apartments.

E.g., your 'Nature Room' might be listed as a '1 BR Apartment' and your "Sea View Room" might be listed as an 'Apartment-Other' roomtype.

Under this approach the availability for each roomtype will be only 1 as there is only 1 Nature room and 1 Sea View room available on any day.

Each of these 2 different roomtypes will also have their own Packages and Prices.  In this example both the Nature and Sea View Room Packages will be displayed separately on your Stays' page, with different pictures, prices and availability.

Guests can the choose which actual room and package from the 2 choices on your page.



A note about Large Apartments

Nomad Stays does not list 'house sharing' arrangements where a single large apartment or house with many bedrooms and common kitchen or leisure areas are shared amongst different individuals or with host families.  

The closest category of listing to this is for officially registered 'hostels and coliving spaces' that meet local government hostel rules.  Government rules about Hostels and other shared living spaces usually have quite specific configuration, facility and marketing requirements (separate of host and guests, separate entrances etc.).  More about Coliving Spaces here.

Most larger apartments therefore will only be listed as a single apartment.  We'd suggest either the 'Apartment-Other' roomtype or the '2BR+ Apartment' roomtype for larger apartments.