I have several different rooms. How do I list them?

I have several different rooms.  How do I list them?

When you have a small number of rooms you have a choice of 2 different ways to list them.

  1. One Room Type, or
  2. Individual Rooms


Choice 1 is the most popular in the world as you have probably seen when visiting a hotel.

Choice 1 - One Room Type

Choice 1 means you list:

  • 1 room type, and
  • Multiple rooms available

eg 5 x Double Rooms available.

One of the reasons this is most preferred in the world is that it allows you to allocate the guest to an available room according to your other bookings.  


Choice 2 - Individual Rooms

Choice 2 means you list:

  • Each Room separately
  • And maintain their own prices, availability calendars, room inclusions and photographs.


If you have 5 rooms then you need to do this for each of the 5 rooms.

With Nomad Stays you can have multiple rooms in your Stay Account.  We tend to get the first room setup first and then we add additional rooms.

You can also have multiple Properties under the same a Stay Account.  Your Stay Manager will add additional properties to your account once they've been reviewed and approved.