Adding More Rooms

Adding More Rooms

There are several ways you can add more rooms.

  1. You can add additional room quantities for the existing Room Type
    1. eg You want to go from 2 to 4 Twin Rooms.
  2. You can also add Additional Room Types
    1. eg Adding a 2 Bedroom Apartment to your current listing


1. Adding Additional Room Quantities

To add additional quantities of your existing room just log in and write the new number of rooms available into the Standard Availability box, and Save.

Example screen



2. Adding Additional Room Types

Adding a new Room Type is a bigger exercise as you need need to add availability, names, descriptions, and photos.  After setup you'll also need to add new Packages for this room.

You start with :

  1. Adding a Standard Availability for the new room type into the Availability page
  2. After that is set the new Room Type will be displayed on the Rooms page
    1. On the Rooms Page you can begin adding all the new photos and information about the additional room type.


2a. Now Add Packages for the New Room Type

Visit the Packages page and start adding new prices for this new Room Type.