Things to Avoid in Listings

Things to Avoid in Listings


As you're listing on a Booking Site not social media site or advertising site there are a few things that you should avoid in your details.  

They will be blocked or deleted if they creep in.  You may also find yourself delisted.


1. Links

  • No links in description areas please.
  • We have separate areas for links to be placed.  The range of links is limited to ensure consistency and quality of the site.

2. Mentions of Discounts or Special Rates

  • All your rates are displayed in the booking and pricing pages. 
  • There is no need to list extra discounts or offers here
  • Nomad Stays is primarily an accommodation booking platform provided to you for free.  All sales are booked through the platform where we add our booking fee to earn our money.
  • You should update your packages to reflect any extra discounts


3. Invitation to Contact directly

  • Please do not invite prospects to contact you directly
  • Your contact details are shared with guests after they book, as are the guest's own contact details to allow you refine your booked service delivery


4. Impersonal Host Photos

  • Please ensure your Host Photos is a picture of the actual humans that are hosting guests
  • Logos and general pictures are to be avoided in this area