Creating Meetups and Events

Creating Meetups and Events

Nomad Stays gives Stays an opportunity to create and publicise digital nomad Meetups and Events on our platform.

In partnership with the startup, Wozinyou can now promote your Meetups and Events and reach tens of thousands of digital nomads using the Nomad Stays platform each month.

Many digital nomads crave Meetups with other nomads, and locals alike, to engage deeper in both the lifestyle and local communities.

Hosting nomad Meetups at your Stay is a fantastic way to show off your property, facilities, services and build brand awareness.


Where are Events Shown?

Digital Nomad Meetups are shown on our regional Location pages to reach nomads search in a specific region.

Check out the Meetups in Andalucia, Spain as an example:


How to List Your Meetup on Nomad Stays

Listing a Meetup is quite straight forward.  You list it using Wozin and it automatically displays on Nomad Stays.



  1. Download and signup for the Wozin app (its free)
  2. Create and publish an Event using Wozin including its location
  3. Based on your location the Meetup will automatically be shown on one or more Nomad Stays location pages
  4. Share the Nomad Stays Location page on social to attract even more people to your event