Applying to List Your Stay

To become listed on Nomad Stays is by Application Only.

There is a small Application Fee for most suppliers but our cost services are free after that.

You begin an Application by creating a Nomad Stays Account and then Adding Your Application to that Account.

Major Steps:

  1. Read the Listing Requirements
  2. Choose to Start an Application
  3. Log In or Create an Account
  4. Continue Your Application
  5. Add Some Overview Information
  6. Add More Features
  7. Pay the Application Fee
  8. Review Your information and Submit

Each Step in Order

Step 1 - Go the List Your Stay + Page


2. Choose 'List a Stay'

Step 3 - Log In or Create Your Account


Step 4 - Return to "List Your Stay +" and Continue Application


Step 5 - Beginning Your Application


Click Next when you've completed this page


Step 6 - Add Feature Information


Then Click the Pay Now button to go to the Payment Page


Step 7 - Pay with Your Credit/Debit Card on our AirWallex Payment Partner



Step 8 - Review the Information and Submit



Step 9 - Sit Back and Wait for Us to Review Your Application

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