How is Your Wi-Fi Speed Determined?

How is Your Wi-Fi Speed determined?


We use an independent company, SpeedSmart, to assess wi-fi speeds that are achieved by end-users.

While your theoretical or contracted speed may be listed as a fast speed the real-life speed may be different due to the numbers of people using it at the same time as well as the number of other clients your internet telco has on its lines (aka backhaul). Too many people for not enough bandwidth can cause congestion at times of the day and slow down the effective speed for users.

You (and anyone) can check the internet speed of your Stay by

  1. Being on your Stay internet
  2. Log into your Stay Dashboard at
  3. Go to the Wi-Fi Test Page
  4. Click the Start Test button
  5. The Test Results are automatically saved to your Stay records

NB:  Our Members also get to run tests on your wi-fi with the same tool while they are staying with you.