Working Spaces

Working Spaces

To be digital nomad ready every Stay needs somewhere for Members to work online.

This could be:

  1. Working spaces inside each room/apartment/house,
  2. Common coworking spaces at your Stay which different guests share, or
  3. Commercial Coworking Spaces nearby


Nomad Stays has 2 areas where you can upload pictures of your own Working Spaces.

  • The working space in each room (as part of the room record), and
  • Any communal 'co' working spaces at your Stay (as part of your main Stay details)


We'd suggest these pictures include shots of :

  1. Desks or tables where laptops, paperwork etc. will be placed
  2. Chairs or benches where the nomad will sit
  3. Power board and power points where they can plug their computers into
  4. Any coffee machines, microwaves etc. that you might have nearby in your own coworking spaces

Try taking shots with people in them to add a bit of life to the images.  It helps nomads picture themselves working there.