4 Different Areas for Photos - Stay, Room, Working Spaces, Coworking Spaces

4 Different Areas for Photos

To get the most impact for your Stay you will want to upload different photos into the different areas of your page.

There are 4 different upload areas for your photos.

  1. Stay Details - where you display overall pictures of your property
  2. Stay Coworking Space - where you have photos of the common working spaces at your Stay
  3. Room Images - general photos of each room
  4. Room Work Space - where you show the working space inside each room

Putting your photos in the right place makes it easier for potential guests to gete a clear udnerstanding of your Stay.


  • We use the term 'room' as its used in the hospitality industry to be a catchall term for the space that you're renting out. A 'room' in the industry can be a whole house, apartment, boat, van, hotel room, villa or any other rented accommodation space.