How to List Your Stay (Overview)

How to List Your Stay (Overview)

Listing on Nomad Stays is limited to properties that meet our selection criteria.  (i.e. - It is not open to everyone)

To become listed on Nomad Stays you will need to Apply and become Accepted by us.


To Apply - Steps

  1. Open an Account on Nomad Stays - Join Us
  2. Begin an Application - on List Your Stay page 
  3. Submit the Application
  4. Wait for our Acceptance messages


After Approval

  1. After you are approved your account will be automatically upgraded to a Stay Account. 
  2. You will now find a Stay Dashboard menu available to you.  
  3. In your Stay Dashboard you will find your first Stay listed (the one you applied for)
  4. The Stay listing will be ready for you to add details into
  5. Follow the 4 Step Process to add the details
  6. Once the minimum details are entered, we will Review it and turn it live (or ask for some additional details first)