Commission Free - How does it work?

Commission Free - How does it work?

It means we pay you the booking price that you ask for, without deductions.


Unlike some of the major leisure based Online Travel Agents (OTAs) Nomad Stays do not charge Stays a 'commission' on your retail prices,

Instead, we operate using Travel Industry standards where you give us Wholesale Prices for your packages, and we mark up your prices to cover our fees.  This way you always know what you'll receive for each and every booking.

Digital nomads pay us a Booking Fee to lock in your room and deal.  

The Booking Fee is often calculated as a markup to your Wholesale price of around 12% for Stays, and 15% for Experiences (which includes a 3% Card Payment Fee as Experiences must be paid in full up front),

We add these together to show the nomads a total fee to them so the total price of is completely transparent.

If your Stay business is new or not used to dealing with the wider travel industry, then you may be unfamiliar with wholesale rates.


Wholesale Rates

Most travel agents, wholesalers and travel distribution groups expect to buy your products at a 'wholesale' rate.  

A special lower rate to tap into the larger distribution reach of the agent.  Many agency groups won't take you on unless your wholesale rate is at least 20% below your retail rate (your website, walk-in rate, or rate you sell to the public).

In many of your travel agency agreements your wholesale rate will be set at a certain percentage less than your retail rate, which means when you have a special offer your travel agent's wholesale rate for that special offer also goes down.


More Flexibility with Nomad Stays

Public reports by the major public leisure platforms and agencies show a typical accommodation booking is less than 2 nights.  A few days is quite a normal booking length for the billions of the short-term, leisure industry travelers around the world.

With Nomad Stays however your minimum booking is 7 nights, resulting in longer and larger bookings.

With Nomad Stays you have an opportunity to put together longer packages at appealing low, average nightly rates, which can result in larger bookings and better yield.  Plus, they are presented specifically to digital nomads on our specialist digital nomad platform.

Try our Yield Calculator to see the impacts.