Important Things to Know About Partnering with Nomad Stays

Important Things to Know About Partnering with Nomad Stays


All travel booking platforms are different.

Even with lots of apartments we are not Airbnb.
Even with lots of houses we are not VRBO/HomeAway.
We have hotel rooms but are not

Because digital nomads are not leisure travelers, Nomad Stays operate more along business travel lines.

Here's some of the more important things to know about the Nomad Stays model.

Typical Bookings

1. One (1) week is the smallest booking we accept. 1 month is quite normal.

  • With us your typical bookings are likely to be a lot larger than leisure business, and larger each month than long term rental
  • We don't offer overnight bookings
  • Some guests may pay for a week but stay less time. You have no obligation to refund them or discount further if they leave early. 

2.  Bookings longer than 1 month are possible when guests choose to add days onto their first month.

  • With us your typical bookings are likely to be a lot larger than leisure business, and larger each month than long term rental
  • Each extra day is charged at the average rate of the monthly booking. 


3. A 'room' is a standard industry term for an independent, secured, living space for exclusive use by a guest.  It is not a bedroom.

4. Whole apartments, houses, hotel rooms, cabins etc. are all types of 'rooms' we accept  

  • Home shares, and bedroom rentals are not permitted or catered for with us
  • Guest areas need to be independent from host areas.

With hostels we also use the term 'bed' to represent the sleep facility in a shared room cmmonly found in hostels

Constant Availability & Packages

5. As you are listing on a 'booking' platform, not an advertising platform, to remain listed you need to maintain both availability & packages.

  •  Without at least 45 nights availability over the next 6 months your listing will be turned off until you have enough for guests to book
  •  You can set packages to run for multiple years, and you can create multiple packages to start & finish in the future

Automatic Confirmation

6. Bookings made on our platform are automatically confirmed by you. 

  • Guests can only book dates & rooms on the dates & packages you've made available 
  • When a guest books they pay a deposit, and a contract is created where you will supply them with accommodation on the dates & terms of the package you've offered
  • There are no 'requests' or 'enquiries' or 'checking' possible before bookings. Bookings are completely automatic.

7. Bookings are notified to you via email instantly.


8. You will collect your money directly from the guest, either:

  • When they check-in (typically), or
  • Ahead of time if you state this in your listing

9. You will need your own credit card processing and cash handling facilities


10. You set your own Cancellation policies as to when or if a guest can cancel.

  • Once booked you, the host can only cancel a booking when the guest agrees. Agreed cancellations typically involve you refunding their deposit or creating a new booking on rescheduled dates.


11. You can give addtional access to your listings to CoHosts, staff and family members so that they can manage, or cooperatively manage, on your behalf. 

Laws & Taxes

12. Your Stay will need to be legally permitted to operate in your area

  • Your property and/or business will need to be legally registered 
  • You will need to have official permission of property owners to operate a short-term rental business on their premises

13. You will need to supply us with a range of official details including your tax file numbers, official tourism registration numbers & land registration numbers

  • These details will be shared, along with financial transaction data to the authorities where required. 

14. Sales Taxes like GST & VAT are primarily your responsibility at this time

  • We don't require you to be registered for VAT/Sales Taxes although your own governments may require it
  • Be aware that new Sales Taxes are proposed in many countries where platforms like ours may be required to add Sales Tax regardless of your own tax position.

Be Competitive to Attract Business

15. Competition for digital nomad business exists for your Stay from

  • Other listed Stays
  • Leisure platforms
  • Private renters on social media
  • Other regions in your country and around the world

16. Use competitive prices to atttact business

  • Price and budget are key factors for most digital nomads
  • Recognise that digial nomads will not spend peak season leisure prices all year. 
  • Accept that some business is better than no business

17. Broadcast your compettive facilities by highlighting your nomad specific facilities like:

  • Speed of your wi-fi using our testing tool
  • Sound proof rooms, 
  • Comfortable chairs,
  • Large desks,
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry facilities
  • Second monitors 
  • Public Transport options 

90%+ of leisure accommodation providers expect business from digital nomads even without having facilities that suit the market

Avoid making this mistake

18. Use digital nomad events to attract attention & show off your Stay

  • Consider using our Meetup tool, and
  • Let our marketing team know of your events so we can magnify your reach

More details on individual items can be seen here on our Help Center areas for Stays