Image Sizes for Adverts

Image Sizes for Adverts


Quick Tip

  • Landscape mode
  • 16 x 9 format
  • Minimum of 1980px wide
  • jpg

Your Images for Adverts

Your advert image should be in a standard 16x9 format, landscape style shape, which is at least 1980 pixels wide.

Most users of the Nomad Stays site use their laptops and computers and so visit the site in a 'landscape' mode.  (Wider than taller)

As they often use large monitors as second screens the resolution of the pictures needs to be high enough to convey a professional quality.  We use 1980 pixels wide as a minimum width so that when viewed on a large screen the image still looks ok.

Please use jpg images too as they compress well and make loading of the site and your advert faster than other common formats.


Adding text to your image

Adverts having text overlays is considered quite normal for adverts and can help emphasize your key points.

(We don't recommend Stays use image overlays on their Stay or Room photos as they detract from the image detail)


Bolder, Simpler Images Recommended

Having an advert that stands out is the key to being noticed.

Which is why bolder advert images with less detail and more emotion tend to work better.  

Highly detailed advertising pictures can be hard to decipher, as are adverts with too much small writing.