Articulating an Offer

Articulating an Offer

Our goal with a great advert is to get the reader to click on the ad to find out more.

Yet copyrighting a simple, powerful advert is one of the world's hardest marketing tasks.

Here's some tips to creating more compelling advertising text.


Choose Words with Promise

Like most advertising the words in each advert are limited on the Nomad Marketplace.  So, make them count.

Picture yourself in the eyes of a visitor seeing your advert for the first time.  Imagine they have never heard of your brand and don't know what you offer.

Copyrighting a few lines of text to grab their attention. (And it is an art).

Your words and image combination will ideally invoke your reader to take an action. That action is to click on your advert and go to discover more of what you offer. That is the real goal of advertising.

(The conversion of that person into a buyer is the goal of your landing page.  You should treat Landing Page creation as a separate matter with a different goal.)

Whenever a potential buyer sees an advert, they subtly think "What's In It For Me?"   Why should I take notice of this advert or offer?  How will my life be enhanced?

WWIFM is a well-known concept in advertising and sales.  By answering WIIFM you increase your chances of engaging a lead into becoming a buyer.

Your job as a marketer is to quickly summarize WIIFM for a reader, and to create a level of urgency that they should act right now.


Recognize that Your Reader is a Digital Nomad

Nomad Stays specializes in assisting digital nomads and remote workers.

You can safely assume your advert reader is a digital nomad so knows a little about the lifestyle.

This allows you to be more specific than general advertising sites.  To jump right into detail if you like.

For example, you probably don't need to explain why a fancy backpack is important to a digital nomad as your reader probably has a backpack today.  If you're a seller of backpacks, then you could go straight into a detailed "WIIFM" style offer.

eg - "Imagine a waterproof backpack that holds 2 laptops and doesn't twist your spine. Our 2023 Model Y is a breakthrough in design, 100% recycled materials.  Read on ..."


Add a Time Limited Offer

As long as a reader believes your product or offer will always be there, they think they have time to buy it later.

The result is that they won't click on an advertisement.  They'll put it aside for a rainy day (and probably forget about it).

This isn't what we want as marketers.  We want them to act now with energy.

The subtle threat that something will disappear is a well-known powerful motivator used by salespeople and marketers around the world.

So, try adding a time limit to your advert.  Or add a seasonal element to it.

Add some words like:

  • While stocks last
  • Lock in your price now
  • Use the discount code before the 30th of the month
  • First 100 buyers only

And remember to repeat this on your landing page.