Advertising on The Nomad Marketplace

Advertising on The Nomad Marketplace


The Nomad Marketplaces is a Pay-Per-Click advertising based marketplace.

It features a range of complimentary products and services that digital nomads and remote workers may find add value to their lifestyles.


How it works

Potential advertisers sign up to gain an account, and purchase one of the predetermined packages of clicks.

After agreeing to the Advertising Terms & Conditions you gain access to the Advertising Dashboard.

On the Advertising Dashboard you can add a range of adverts including text, links, and photos.

When the advert is ready to be published you 'turn it on' and the moderators will check it for compatibility with our Code of Conduct, spelling errors etc. and then turn it live.

Prospects click on the adverts and get forwarded to the advertiser's URL link on your own, or your preferred, website.

Each click is counted and until the quantity of pre-purchased clicks has exhausted.

Each advert can also be limited as to how many of the pre-purchased clicks are used.

Individual Adverts and All your advertising can be paused for periods of time also.