What do Cohosts do?

What do Cohosts do?

Firstly, what is a cohost?

Cohosts are travel industry specialists that work with Stay owners and operators to maximum their business opportunities.  They are there to help you make more money.

They take on or offer a range of services for to make it easier for Stay operators to maximize their business potential without doing it all themselves.

They are called 'cohosts' because they help you host guests at your stay.

Some of the things they may offer a Stay include:

Platform Updates

  • Updating your listings on different booking technology platforms like Nomad Stays
  • Reworking your descriptions
  • Arranging, editing and adding new photos
  • Renewing your packages
  • Linking your calendars and availability
  • Run the wi-fi tests

Marketing Material Production

  • Arranging new or better photos
  • Writing of new descriptions
  • Creation of standard marketing packs

Revenue Optimization

  • Helping you set prices
  • Creating packages for different seasons, events and special times of year
  • Choosing new target markets and niches
  • Analyze your occupancy, yield and Rev Par
  • Keep an eye on your competitors

Social Media

  • Posting relevant content onto your social pages
  • Following up leads, questions and comments

Meet & Greet

  • Meeting new guests
  • Handing over keys
  • Doing walk through's with guests
  • Collecting payments

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Arranging the housekeeping
  • Arranging the laundry
  • Arranging the maintenance or repair people

Website Maintenance

  • Updating your websites
  • Improving your on-page SEO
  • Finding new target keywords
  • Improving the speed of your website



How do Cohosts earn money?

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