Starting Your Partnership with Nomad Stays

Starting Your Partnership with Nomad Stays


Partnering with travel agencies like Nomad Stays is a great way to expand your travel businesses reach around the world.

Agency partnerships are an ongoing commitment that need constant management though.

After the initial setup you will constantly be refining and upgrading your listings, packages and other information like wi-fi tests and new refurbishments you make.


It Can Be Daunting

Setting up initially can be a bit daunting if you're just starting out in travel.  

It's because travel products tend to be some of the most complex products sold around the world.  They can take time to setup in different portals although with all your information prepared we find 20 minutes is quite normal at Nomad Stays.  It is worth noting that there is a new range of specific hospitality regulations developing in many parts of the world that need more information than in previous years.


Onboarding the Easy Way

At Nomad Stays we've broken down your onboarding experience into as few key areas as possible.  When you come on board you'll be asked for the following types of information.

    1. Corporate Information including tax file numbers, land registration numbers, business and/or tourism registration numbers, emails, telephone numbers etc. are some of the things required to be reported to many governments of the world beyond what we at Nomad Stays need ourselves.


4 Steps to Listing a Stay

Once set up your Corporate Information rarely gets touched again.  We then move onto the hospitality items you sell.  We have 4 main 'product' areas requiring different types of details.

    1. Stay Details about your overall property including Stay descriptions, land information numbers, photos of your property and the surrounds. As Nomad Stays caters for digital nomads there are additional areas of information beyond what most leisure tourism platforms require including testing your wi-fi and showing off your communal working spaces.  Step 1
    2. Rooms are what you rent out.  Each type of room we cater for, whether it is a hotel room, cabin, apartment, van, boat etc. will need a range of photos and descriptions.  A  'room' being the industry term for the overall space that a member is renting for their exclusive use.  In each room (or room type) you will be loading information and photos of bedrooms, kitchens, work desks, chairs, washing machines etc. Step
    3. Availability is where you set the quantity of each different type of room that you're making available to us to sell.  Small properties, with only a few, unique rooms, are likely to use our 'Boutique Room' option, where each room has its own 'name' and availability is always a maximum of 1.  Apartment blocks, hotels, coliving and larger establishment will use our Commercial model with different quantities of each room type.  Under Availability you will be giving us your ical feed addresses or API details to allow us to draw your current availability automatically from your channel manager or PMS systems.  We also have our own managed extranet system for Stays that are exclusive to Nomad Stays. Step
    4. Pricing is where you set up a range of Package Details.  If you want to list the same prices all year then you will have just one package.  If you want to change prices at different times of the year then you've have several packages.  Similarly if you wish to create special combinations of hospitality products, such as full board, or tours included, then you will have more than one package. Step


The Help Center

While our platform is a self-service platform our team is here to guide you when you need help.  We have an extensive Help Center with hundreds of articles, as well as a corporate email and WhatsApp channels.

Once setup and listed you'll have fewer, but still important, ongoing management of your listings.  As a booking platform your listing will only be shown when there is something available to book.  So it's very important your Packages and Availability are always up to date.

So it's very important your Packages and Availability are always up to date.

If you feel you'd like some help from someone more experienced then we can introduce you to a range of CoHosts.  For a small fee, a cohost will either provide one-off services, or an ongoing hand, managing your listings to maximise your returns.

At the end of the day you want income coming in for your business, and your rooms booked.  You also want to maximise your attractiveness with the key information needed by longer staying digital nomads.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship as the world's digital nomad population continues to boom.