Updating Prices

Updating Prices


There are 6 steps to updating your prices or packages.

If you're not sure about what a Package is then please review our All About Packages Help Article

So, let's jump into your Stay Dashboard and begin.

  • Then, Choose the Update Packages tab
  • Now, either Create your new Package or Edit and existing one


1. Choose the Room Type (or Room Name if you're using the Boutique Room system)

Room Type refers to the general class of room. e.g. Dorm bed, Single room, Double room etc.


2. Choose the Package Dates

Insert the start date for the package. Bookings commencing on or after this date will be billed at the new prices.

The last date is the last date a Member can check-in using this Package.

You can set each Package to begin immediately or up to a year in advance.

See our Dates in Packages Help Article for more detail.


3. Choose Your Billing Currency

Choose the currency you'd like to bill in by choosing from the available currencies in the list.


4. Insert Net Prices for each Booking Length

Net prices are your wholesale price to us.  The amount you want to earn for each booking.

NB: You'll remember that we add our sales commission on top so you always earn your net prices without deductions or fees.


So, insert the prices you expect for each booking length.

Use the actual total price rather than a nightly rate. For example, a 7-day stay might be $140 and a 14-day stay might be $250. Avoid referring to nightly rates.


5. Name the Package

Naming Packages to align with seasons or events is quite normal.  e.g. "Winter Special" or "Festival Special".

Try to choose attractive titles that encourage a member to book.


6. Describe the Package

This is your marketing area.  The place where you can explain why this particular package or offer is so good

Don't worry about the room contents and facilities, these are all listed under each Room.

This area is to describe the 'Package'.