Updating Prices


There are 3 steps to updating prices.

Choose the room type.

Room Type refers to the general class of room. eg Dorm bed, Single room, Double room etc.

Then describe the actual room you wish to update.

For instance you may want to only update prices for "2nd floor rooms", or the "small double rooms", or "dorm bed in 4 bed room". This description gets shown to guests so they understand which room they are getting.

Choose the currency you'd like to bill. Then insert the prices you expect for each booking length.

Use the actual invoice price rather than a nightly rate. For example a 7 days stay might be $140 and a 14 day stay might be $250. Avoid referring to nightly rates.

Insert the start date for the new prices. Bookings commencing on or after this date will be billed at the new prices.

You can set this immediately or up to a year in advance.

  1. Choose a Room to Update
  2. Insert the New Prices
  3. Choose the Start Date