Dates in Packages

How do Dates Work?


Dates Refer to the Range of Check-IN Dates

(not actual occupancy dates)

The Dates of a Package refer to the range of CHECK-IN DATES which a guest can begin their Package on. 

There are 2 dates:

  1. The first CHECK-IN date possible
  2. The last CHECK-IN date possible

A Member can begin their Stay under the Package on any date that falls from the First Check-In Date to the end of the Last Check-In date.

First Check-In Date

The First Check-In date is the day the package first becomes available to consume.

You might have listed it months before, and pre-sold many months in advance, but the guest can not check in any early than the First Check-In Date and expect to get the same deal.


Last Check-In Date

The Last Check-In date is the last day in which a guest can start this package.

After this date the the Guest they must use a different package to book.

Note while this is the last date a Member can start their package, the room will be occupied a lot longer than the Last Check-In Date.


Occupancy Dates are Different

The dates of actual occupancy of the room are somewhat different of course.

The occupancy dates will be the range of dates from the check-in date to the end of their booking.


A Package is open from 1 February to 28 February.

If a guest buys the package and checks in on 28 February for 14 days then the room will be occupied (unavailable) for every day until they check-out which will be 13 February. (28 Feb + 13 days = 13 March)