Preparation Checklist for Listing Your Stay

Checklist of Items You Will Need to List Your Stay


Most Stays find that it's easier to gather all their information ahead of time, and then insert it all in one go.

This Checklist outlines the information you'll need to prepare for onboarding your first Stay. 

Different countries don't all have the same requirements so some things may not apply to you.


Corporate Information

 Registered Name of the Operator of the Stay

 Official Representative Name & Address

 Date and Place of Birth if an Individual

 Registered Address & Telephone of the Operator

Official Business Number of the Operator

Official Lodging or Tourism Number of the Stay

 Income Tax Number of the Operator

VAT/GST/Sales Tax Number of the Operator

Land Identification Number of the Property

 Property Owner details (if different to Stay Operator) 


1. Stay Detail

Whether you'll use the Boutique Rooms or Commercial Rooms model   (Help Article)

Name of the Stay 

Street Address

 What3Words location of the reception area  (What3 Words is a super easy way for people to locate you without needed a street address or confusing GPS cooordinates)

 Name of your Channel Manager or Availability source

 Overall Marketing Description of the property

Preferred Cancellation Policy (

Telephone and Email contact for the managers, owners, and reservations team

 Overall Photos of your property and surrounding region (up to 30 landscape format in high quality jpg) 

 Photos of your common working spaces areas (where guests can work together)

Top 3 Reasons digital nomads should stay with you 

Your policies on children, parking, and pets


2. Rooms

Types of your rooms

Names of your rooms

Photos of each room or room type (up to 30 landscape format in high quality jpg), including

  • kitchens, ovens, fridges
  • washing machines
  • bedrooms and beds
  • living areas
  • views
  • balconies and courtyards
  • bathrooms

 Photos of the room's work areas

  • desks
  • chairs
  • power boards or power sockets

Description of each room or room type

 Bed sizes

 People capacities of each room

 Amenities of each room (checkbox selection)


3. Availability

 Quantities of each room type you are giving us (commercial model only)

 iCal feed from your master inventory source (PMS, Channel Manager, or another platform's iCal feed)

 Block periods if using the Free-Sale option

 Overflow policy if using the Free-Sale option


4. Packages

 How many packages you want to offer

Names of the proposed packages

 Whether you'll list for all 1,2,3 week & 1-month timeframes, or just some timeframes

 Net prices for each package

 Which currency you will set prices in

 Text details of each Package


5. Boutique or Commercial System

One of the decision points you'll need to decide upon early is whether you wish to operate your booking system under a hotel-style 'Commercial' system or an apartment-style 'Boutique' system.

Now is a great time to read up on the differences.  Help Center: Boutique or Commercial



6. Social Media Links