Using Google Calendar for your iCal Feed

Using Google Calendar for your iCal Feed


Google Calendar is a cheap way to run a booking calendar.

Google Calendar also allows you to share the calendar in an iCal format.  Which means you can use it to feed into our system.

Accommodation Room iCal events are recorded against a particular night as either open or closed (available or busy).  The general standard is to record the closed night as being for the 'day' it STARTS.

So, a guest that checks-in on the 13th and departs on the 14th will get a Google Calendar event entry made just for the 13th.

This is because it is usual for check-ins to occur only in the afternoons of a day and check-outs occur in the mornings the next day.


Record Bookings as "All Day" Events Only

When recording bookings into Google Calendars you should use the "All Day" option always.

Anything less than all day tends to be misread by most hotel iCal systems which are expecting a simple date that the room is full.

Multiple room rentals of less than a night is still rare in the global accommodation industry.


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