Do I Need an iCal?

Do I Need an iCal?

Generally, yes.

Unless you're exclusive to Nomad Stays you will need to provide us with your iCal feed, or the name Channel Manager or PMS supplier so we can setup a feed of your availability via an API.

With an automatic feed there is much less chance of overbookings and the resulting delisting of your Stay.

What Happens if I don't have an iCal?

For Stays that are exclusive to Nomad Stays we offer an Extranet facility at Nomad Stays.  Our Extranet allows you to manage your own inventory directly with us.

The Extranet system is open to Stays that are exclusive to Nomad Stays.

If you don't have an iCal, and are not exclusive to Nomad Stays, then we're sorry but you are no longer able to list with Nomad Stays.