Do you Integrate with Channel Managers

Do you integrate with Channel Managers & PMS

Yes, some.

We integrate in 2 ways with Channel Managers:

  1. iCal integration
  2. API integration



iCal is a one-way pulling of your room availability from your Channel Manager or PMS system.  iCal tends to be used by smaller Stays who manage each room individually.



Our API integrations are focused on:

  • Pulling your latest availability, and
  • Sending bookings to your Channel Manager/PMS

Full API integration tends to be used by larger Stays who sell multiple quantities of the same room type.  The actual room allocated to a guest is done on check-in.


If you don't have either a Channel Manager or PMS then you can use our own extranet to update your availability.  


This works on a 'free sale' basis where you give us the right to sell your room without checking first.  Each room sold reduces our availability. 

You can also reduce availability by 'blocking' out dates when you are full from other sources or closed. 

Extranets do take more effort to maintain as each change of availability (like a booking) that happens independently of our system needs to be updated in our system.  With Nomad Stays typically placing longer 1-month long bookings it certainly makes it worth your while to keep us up to date.


How To Update Your Room Availability