How to Find your iCal on OwnerRez

How to Find your iCal on OwnerRez


What is an iCal link?

iCal link is a special internet address (URL) that looks similar to this:



Each room on OwenerRez has a unique link address.


The link is made up of the:


Where do I find it?

This unique link is found inside your OwnerRez Host Dashboard.

Follow the steps below to access the link in your OwnerRez host dashboard:

  1. Click on the “Update Calendar” tab on your Host Dashboard
  2. Click the "Import/Export" drop-down
  3. Click on the “Export"tab
  4. Copy the iCal link in the window that opens to sync with other calendars.


Here's the full OwnerRez Instructions direct from the horse's mouth:



Where do I send it?

So simply

  1. email or WhatsApp the link to us
  2. with the name of your room you've listed with us

We will then test and insert the link into your account for you.