Adding Packages

Its quite easy to add packages.  You can have as many as you like.

Each Package will display separately on your Stay Page.


  • Seasonal Packages
    • Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring
  • Demand Packages
    • Peak, Off-Peak, Shoulder
  • Event Packages
    • Summernats Package
    • Flower Festival Package
    • Rip Curl Pro Package


Choose Your Room Type

Start by choosing the Room Type that you'd like to set Packages for.

The Package will apply to all rooms of that same type.

eg If you have 15 Double Rooms then you'll be entering the Package that applies to them all.


Setting Dates

The dates you are entering are the 'booking dates' possible for each package.


Setting the dates 1 March to 30 April means that

  • 1 March is the first check in date possible for that package - ie the first day people can check in
  • 30 April is the last check in date possible for that package - ie the last day people can check in

NB: If you permit someone to book on 30 April and your package includes a 1 month option then the guest will staying for most of the month of May at that price.


Multiple Packages

You can have a whole suite of packages on your Stay Page if you like.

Each new Package you create becomes instantly available for purchase.

Old packages are automatically removed from view.


7, 14, 21 Days or 1 month

You don't need to accept bookings for all 4 predefined periods (although we do recommend entering all info initially).

NB: We recommend adding a price for every predefined time period and then "not listing" the periods you do not want to show.  We suggest this to make it easier in the future when you might want to take booking for all the periods.  If you omit certain periods then you currently cannot  'add' these periods back in later with the current system

That being said, if you don't want weekly bookings then just leave this column empty. In this case you will only set prices for 14 days, 21 days and 1 month.


Listing or Not

If you set price for all as suggested by don't with to take bookings for 1 time period or another then simply turn "off" the "listing" of that price.

This removes the price from being displayed to Nomad Members.

If in the future you decided to accept bookings for this particular period then you simply "List" the period again.


When does it become available to buy?


Even though your first check in date might be in the future your package is available for a Member to buy ahead of time.

Take for instance you create a summer package for 2022 today.  When listed our Nomad Members can buy this package for the future summer period.  Their check in date is set by the package


Package Tips

  • Repurposing Packages

Lets say you had a great winter package last year which you wish to repeat.

Instead of creating a new package this year simply change the validity dates of last year's package.


  • Finish Early

Lets say you normally set your Peak Season Rates for your leisure clients to start from 1 July.  But you've shoulder rates have last check in date as 30 June. This creates a possible problem that a Nomad Member can book on 30 June for 1 month and enjoy all of July at Shoulder Rates.

You may not want this.

So you might want to set 15 June as the Last Check In Date for the Shoulder Rates.  This means a Member booking for 1 month would be paying you 2 weeks of shoulder season and 2 weeks peak season at the Shoulder Rate.  This could be a good financial compromise to ensure some good cashflow in the shoulder season.


  • Start Early

Similarly at the end of the Peak Season you might want to ensure you get clients for the start of the shoulder season.

If your autumn shoulder season normally starts say on 1 September you might want to create a package that allows Shoulder check ins from 15 August. but you 'delist' anything less than 1 month bookings until the season begins.

As the shoulder season begins you could 're-list' the 7, 14 and 21 day options to pickup shorter bookings.