Changing a Booking

Changing a Booking

After making and receiving a confirmed booking you may wish, or need, to change it.

A change has the effect of cancelling a booking and having it replaced with a new booking.  The cancellation policy in effect on your original booking will determine how much of a credit or refund you are entitled to.


Changing Dates at the same Stay

In saying that, many Stays are quite open to the free changing of dates for a booking, subject to having availability during the alternate period.  The price might be quite different though as the packages open during your desired replacement dates may be very different to the original deal you booked.

If you wish to change the dates but remain at the original Stay after confirming a booking, then please co-ordinate the request with us and we'll work with the Stay, and you, to see if a reasonable change can be accommodated.


Changing to a New Stay

If you wish to cancel your original booking and rebook another Stay, then look at the original Stay's cancellation policy that applies to your booking to understand the implications, then cancel the booking on our site.  Depending on the original cancellation policy terms you may be entitled to an account credit which can be used for a subsequent booking.