Is My Large Apartment or House a Coliving Space?

Is my Large Apartment or House a Coliving Space?


Let's look at Coliving Spaces a bit.

Coliving spaces have developed in recent years to become something like upmarket hostels or private long-stay guesthouses.

Whilst bathrooms and kitchens might be shared amongst the coliving members these spaces are managed as a professional, cooperative living location.


To be listed as a Coliving Space you'll need a few attributes.

  1. Officially registered business with necessary short stay tourist accommodation permits
  2. Website, Google Maps, and social media listings as evidence you are in business as a coliving space
  3. At least 5 bedrooms
  4. Each bedroom will be personally lockable
  5. Common kitchen areas will be large enough for a large portion of your members to cook meals at similar times.
  6. Lockable food lockers and fridges are also expected
  7. A manager will live onsite (or very close by), and have their own manager area & separate entrance
  8. There will be a formal coworking area large enough for all members to share at the same time
    1. There will be enough power points and internet for all users
  9. There will also be a formal leisure area for members to mingle, network, listen to music, TV etc.
  10. Your Coliving Space will also have a schedule of events for members, and their invited guests to enjoy.

Most large houses or apartments won't qualify as Coliving Spaces though. More about this in our Large Apartments help center article.


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