Closing or Suspending Your Stay Listing

You can turn off your Stay or Experience listing for a period or for good by removing your availability or packages.

Setting your Availability to zero or re-setting the closing dates of your Packages to earlier date means no offers will be presented to members.

  1. Block Out your Availability, or
  2. Set your Package Dates to Past Dates

After Blocking or Resetting Your Stay (or Experience) package dates your listing will remain listed for a bit longer, but Members won't be able to make bookings.


Stopping for a While

If you are just closing for a while, then we'd suggest re-setting your Package dates to expired dates.

This way you can keep them in the system and restart them again later simply by changing their validity dates.  (subject to relisting fees)

Your listing will remain visible, but nothing bookable, as long as you meet the availability minimums.  This allows you to maintain some branding continuity as well as take booking for some time in the future after you expect to be open again.


Stopping for Good

If you're going out of business or want to close your Stay or Experience listing completely then 

  1. Set your Availability to zero, and
  2. Expire your Packages by setting past dates, and
  3. Send us a note so that we can set the whole listing to closed.


Closing your User Account - What Happens?

In addition to closing or suspending your Listings you can also, optionally, close your own User Account.

Closing your User Account means you won't be able to use anything on the site at all. You can't make bookings yourself, update old Stay listings, or manage your Coworking Space as examples.

A closed account can't be re-opened either so if you wish to return, you'll need to sign up again as a member.  Membership fees applicable at the time will then apply.