How do Bookings Work?

How do Bookings Work?

Bookings start when a guest sees a package and checks its availability for their preferred dates on our site. 

If there's a room/bed available, the guest can make the booking. If there's no availability or the package isn't live on their chosen dates, they are prevented from placing a booking.

Once they're OK to place the booking they pay us a booking fee on the spot to confirm their acceptance of the deal package. We immediately confirm the booking to them, and you via email.  This is automated so it happens immediately.

If you use an iCal source you may need to update that source for our booking just as if you had taken a private booking.

If you've shared your rooms Nomad Stays 'outbound' iCal link with your primary inventory management system, then that system should block off the booking automatically.

In the emails you and the guest both get each other's contact details and there may be some discussion that occurs pre arrival.


When our Member (the guest) arrives and checks-in they pay you the balance of the package which is the wholesale price you've set with us, and that we've confirmed in our booking email to you.


PS: Nomad Stays only offers 'instant bookings' so every booking is confirmed the instant it occurs. 

If you don't wish to accept bookings for a period, then you should either block your availability dates or change the dates of your packages.  (Just remember that if you don't have enough availability with us to sell then your page will be delisted)