Booking Requests

Can you send me a Booking Request instead of a Confirmed Booking?

No, sorry.

Nomad Stays is a booking platform that works on an Instant Booking model which means Members can secure a Stay immediately and Stays secure a booking with the minimum of effort. 

One of the biggest problems identified by remote workers and digital nomad is the time it takes to make a booking. (And remember this group makes more bookings that virtually any other group of traveller). 

At the same time one of the biggest problems with Stay Managers is the number of prospective shoppers wanting endless conversations before booking. 

Before Nomad Stays the typical nomad would open up 3-5 conversations with Stays, and have conversations over a number of days about availability, rates, changes, etc with all the parties.  And then after choosing 1 property they tell all the other properties that they aren't taking their deal.  Then they would repeate the process at the next location they choose to visit.  Which makes it very time consuming for nomads and disappointing for most properties.

Nomad Stays streamlines and simplifies all this with our Instant Booking and Free Sale arrangements.