Do you take bookings longer than 1 month?

Do you take bookings longer than 1 month?


Not at this time.


Why don't you do 3 month or longer bookings?

The simple reason is that we are specialist platform for digital nomads.

Digital nomads are fundamentally constant travelers.  They're often referred to as 'slow travelers' when compared to leisure tourists. They spend most of their year traveling and exploring different countries and parts of the world.

As 'travelers' they often use tourist or short term business visas to enter and stay in a country.  These visas usually have time limits as to how long they are permitted to stay with in each country, or a region in the case of Schengen Visas.  Many countries/regions have 3-month limits or 3-month visa-waivers for visitors. 

Even when digital nomads stay in 1 country for 3 months they will often explore different parts of that country over their stay.  So, it's more common to see then choose 3 different locations over 3 months even within a single country.

Staying longer is usually a sign that guest is actually an expat (expatriate), rather than a digital nomad. As an expat they're in the process of settling in a new country and not traveling as much as nomads.



Expats typically have longer stay visas or in the case of Europe they might be changing their residency to their newly adopted country.  Again usually a 3 month time period is the limit before new residency is required to the taken out in the adopted country. 

Many expat visas limit the time a new resident can spend outside of the country so expats tend settle in one place fairly quickly.  They might initially try a few different areas, like a domestic renter might, before settling in their chosen town or area.