Tell me about Deposits

Nomad Stays doesn't take deposits. But you may choose to.

To make a booking and take advantage of a deal on Nomad Stays our Members need to put money down on the table and pay a booking fee.  These are confirmed bookings not just reservation inquiries.  That is one of the ways Nomad Stays knows we're dealing with a real Member wanting a real booking.


I want to take a Deposit

Some Stays may choose to take a deposit themselves however. 

We suggest its best to do this by outlining your deposit requirements in your package information before a Member places a booking.  If you've outlined this ahead of time then when you contact them with your Deposit Payment links it shouldn't come as a surprise to them.

Simply add your deposit words to the Description area of your Package when you add or update your packages.


How do I take deposits only on longer bookings?

Yes. This is quite easy. 

Simply create one Package for a short time frame and another Package (with deposit requirements) for a longer time frame.

Each Package has its own Description field where you can outline the components of the Package.

For example

  1. Your  "Forest View Off-Peak" Package might offer 1, 2 and 3 week prices without the need for a deposit.  You would list just 1, 2 and 3 week prices for this Package and your description field can be used to talk about these particular packages.
  2. While your "Forest View 1 Month Off-Peak" Package has only 1 price listed (for the month) and your description field includes your deposit requirements.


Are deposits right for you?

One thing to take into account if you're wanting deposits is to recognise that properties that insist on deposits take fewer bookings than those that don't.  Deposits are seen by travellers as a form of barrier to placing bookings and so are more likely to choose comparable places that are easier to book.